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I'm Eric Almeida


I help brands grow via data-driven strategies and tactics.

As a Full Stack Marketer, I function in many different roles because I know that finding success goes way beyond any singular tactic. SEM/SEO, PPC advertising, social, email, content, web development and so much more - whatever it takes to drive results.

I'm a firm believer in impact over productivity, and having the data to back it up.

About Me

Eric almeidafullstack

About Me

Birthday : May 24, 1990

Phone : 813.421.3685

Cities : Dayton/Tampa

Other Passion : Music

Favorite Food : Tacos

Favorite Place : NOLA


Years Experience


Words Written/Edited


Keywords Ranked


Media Spend Managed

Stuff I Do

Stuff I Do

A short list of where I shine brightest.


I've wrestled the ever-evolving bear that is SEO for 10+ years and found success for many brands in that time.

PPC Advertising

I've managed and placed over $2M in ad spend for brands in many different industries and of all sizes.

Brand Optimization

I could just say "Social Media", but being effective takes much more than obligatory, uncreative and nonstrategic posts.

Data and Analytics

Everyone understands that results speak for themselves, but it all starts and ends with having the right data.

Content Creation

I've written, edited and optimized hundreds of articles that captured ranking in some of the most competitive niches.

Business Development

I've performed top-down audits of many businesses to find new lucrative opportunities, even beyond digital.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Conversion Rate Optimization
User Experience Auditing
Content Writing, Editing and Optimization
Branding and Social Media

Let's be real, anyone who says they're 100% at anything is either lying or doesn't know the difference. If you don't see room for improvement, you're not looking hard enough.

Stuff I'm Doing

Stuff I'm Doing

Where I currently spend most of my time.

Grey Matter logo

I'm the Growth Lead for this music-centric social app.

Combining my two biggest passions - marketing and music - I get to wear many different hats for this Brooklyn-based startup. Stay tuned and watch as we bring the world together, one song at a time.

Slumberland Festival logo

I run all-things-digital for this music festival resort buyout in Orlando, FL.

I've successfully run all the web and marketing for a similar music festival company since 2018. In 2022, Slumberland is changing the game by doing it all differently. Bigger, better, and putting the festival goers first.

Wilderness Agency logo

I'm the Director of Inbound Marketing for the fastest-growing Creative Agency in the Dayton area.

I help clients stategize and identify which marketing efforts will provide the biggest ROI for their brand, create a road map to execute on, and ensure the data lines up on both sides of every project.

More Past & Present Projects:



Get In Touch

Get In Touch

Let’s Do Something Awesome Together

If you're looking for someone to consult on your brand, website, marketing efforts or just want some honest feedback - don't hesitate to reach out!

I'm always open to at least having a conversation.

Phone : +1 813 421 3685

Mail : almeidafullstack@gmail.com

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