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My name is Eric.

I'm a

I help brands grow and businesses run better.

Since starting to learn SEO in 2010, I've become a multi-functional expert in all things digital. Alongside a penchant for first principles thinking, my diverse set of skills & experience give me a unique perspicacity to drive positive outcomes in any context. Where many others see obstacles, I see opportunity.

I've helped countless businesses achieve exponential growth through marketing strategy and execution, by auditing and maximizing operational efficiency, and by architecting systems and processes to unlock greater potential.

I'm a firm believer in impact over productivity, and having the data to back it up.

About Me

Eric almeidafullstack

About Me

Location: Dayton/Tampa

Other Passions: Music, art and creators

Favorite Food: Tacos

Favorite Place: NOLA


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Words Written/Edited


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Media Spend Managed

Stuff I Do

Stuff I Do

A short list of where I shine brightest.


I've captured high-value rankings in some of the most competitive niches to drive business results; not just more traffic.

PPC Advertising

I've managed and placed over $2M in media spend for brands across pretty much every industry.

Conversion & UX

From lead generation to e-Commerce, optimizing the experience is the best way to optimize outcomes.

Data & Analytics

Everyone understands that results speak for themselves, but higher output starts with understanding throughput.

Brand Optimization

I could just say "Social Media", but being effective takes much more than obligatory, uncreative and nonstrategic posts.

Biz Dev & Ops

I've performed top-down audits of many businesses to find soft savings, new, and missed opportunities.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Conversion Rate Optimization
User Experience Auditing
Content Writing, Editing and Optimization
Branding and Social Media
Business Intelligence & Ops
Web Development (Front End, Full Stack)


Let's be real, anyone who says they're 100% at anything is either lying or doesn't know the difference. If you don't see room for improvement, you're not looking hard enough.

Stuff I'm Doing

Stuff I'm Doing

Where I currently spend most of my time.

Grey Matter logo

I'm the Growth Lead for this music-centric social app.

Combining my two biggest passions - marketing and music - I get to wear many different hats for this Brooklyn-based startup. Stay tuned and watch as we bring the world together, one song at a time.

Slumberland Festival logo

I run all things digital as the co-founder of this festival resort takeover in Orlando, FL.

We've created something truly unique and special by prioritizing the art, the communities around it, and guest experience above everything else. We are pushing the envelope of what's possible with music festivals.

Lunchbox Packs Logo

I'm helping this incredible lifestyle brand grow their digital presence and business.

Since joining this team, I have been blown away by their company culture and customer loyalty. Lunchbox Packs are truly emblematic of a business that is driven by passion first, and prioritizes the customer experience.

More Past & Present Projects:



Get In Touch

Get In Touch

Let’s Do Something Awesome Together

If you're looking for someone to consult on your brand, website, marketing efforts or just want some honest feedback - don't hesitate to reach out!

I'm always open to at least having a conversation.

Phone : +1 813 421 3685

Mail : almeidafullstack@gmail.com

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